Our small chess community starts

We had 5 children and 2 dads come along today for chess at the Pulse Cafe Bingara (from 9am). One family was from Camden south, the other from Bingara Gorge: a perfect example of building community links. I passed on a few chess hints and tips to those that wanted to listen, and the cafe sold some ice creams and coffees so it was a win all around.

The kids that visited today go to Wilton Public School, where I drop in every second Friday for chess at lunch time. If you thought chess was played in a quiet environment, you would be mistaken – the kids were very excited and it was a good noisy!


Community and chess links

I have created a page for links to local community and chess items of interest. Thanks to the local Wilton community facebook admin for allowing me to promote the club.

We will be meeting every Sunday from 9am during school term at the Pulse Cafe, Bingara Gorge. I am hoping for more advertising that we exist and the numbers attending can only go up!