Welcome to the Wilton chess club


This new year is the “Year of Community” for Wilton and Bingara Gorge. The Wilton Community Chess Club hopes to bring people from all ages and walks of life together – to play chess! It is hoped that friendly chess games, with a little bit of learning along the way, will bind us all together.

We aim to meet once a week for a couple of hours in the Bingara Gorge community space: Pulse Cafe. All skill levels, ages and experience welcome.

Please see the about tab for details, and there is other information on the site to hopefully help you improve your game, or at least to allow you to understand when you go wrong. Advice for parents is also there! Of course, we all know why we should play chess.

If you have any questions, or can assist, then please complete the contact form below. A gold coin donation is requested, to allow for the purchase of equipment or for mini-event prizes.

Bye Bye, for now ;-(

bye-written-sand-7929543 Just a note to say that I (Scott) will be relocating to Melbourne shortly. So this Sunday will be my last at the Sunday chess club. I will be donating 2 chess sets and boards, that will be kept at the Pulse facilities. So that means anyone, anytime could play some chess (just ask at the desk). It will be up to YOU, if the usual chess get together (Sundays 9-11 am during school term) continues in its current form.

I have enjoyed the short time that we have had to play some chess together, and to build our little community. Happy in chess, Scott

So term 2 bites the dust!

The Community chess club will be taking 2 weeks break while the school holidays is on. We will reconvene on Sunday 12th July (yes, I know it is still in the school holidays – but only just).

We had 6 people at the club last Sunday – a record, and I am pleased the numbers are increasing – and not always the same faces each week.

Have a great holiday.holiday

A chance to refresh those batteries

We are in recess for the school holidays now. We hope to see some new faces on the 19th April at the Wilton Community markets, at Hannaford Oval. There will be normal chess sets mixed in with giant chess, draughts and lego sets. Sounds like fun to me, and I hope to you as well. Normal service will resume at the Pulse Cafe on the 26th from 9am.battery

Time for some giant chess?

No, not playing against GIANTS!a giant

But we will be playing with some giant chess pieces on the 19th April at the Wilton Market day. So this should be a bit of fun. We will have the usual sets also there, for all to use. It all helps to raise the club profile in the local community, and may turn into a regular event. I will remind you closer to the date, to NOT come to the Pulse Cafe for that Sunday.giant chess set

Wilton Public School Chess Club

The latest Wilton Public School newsletter has a chess item on it:

The news of the establishment of the WPS Chess Club spread quickly among the year 3 – 6 students in the early weeks of the term. The signup sheet was overflowing and I was regularly interrogated by the many chess enthusiasts, “Is Chess Club starting today?”
When we opened the doors for the first time in week 4 we had over 30 students attend, all eager for a game. Brimming with excitement, ranging from beginners (myself included) to the quite experienced players, the atmosphere in the library was quite different to the traditional, quiet, chess setting.

The club has been established with the guidance of local chess guru, Scott, who is volunteering his time to provide his expertise to develop the student’s skills. Mrs Shaw is our onsite chess expert, also sharing her knowledge and skills. The school has purchased 10 chess sets which the students gave the tick of approval this week.


It is great that the kids and teachers are having a good time, and that the school is committing to more chess sets. I hope to bring a love of chess to those that come along, with perhaps more structure for those that want to improve or can commit more time to the game. Time will tell! The full article is WPS newsletter edited page 3 (photos not from the school).

Good fun and players enjoying chess

We had 3 boards busy on Sunday, with a few regulars and some new faces. I think we all learnt something, sometimes it was even chess related. We enjoyed the air conditioning, that we didn’t notice until we came outside into the steamy day. See you, and hopefully other new faces this Sunday from 9am.

Our small chess community starts

We had 5 children and 2 dads come along today for chess at the Pulse Cafe Bingara (from 9am). One family was from Camden south, the other from Bingara Gorge: a perfect example of building community links. I passed on a few chess hints and tips to those that wanted to listen, and the cafe sold some ice creams and coffees so it was a win all around.

The kids that visited today go to Wilton Public School, where I drop in every second Friday for chess at lunch time. If you thought chess was played in a quiet environment, you would be mistaken – the kids were very excited and it was a good noisy!